The following  served with either assorted meat, fish or chicken & a choice of lyan, Eba, Amala abula, Tuwo, Semovita, wheat meal or Fufu


(Ogbono seed, grounded into a powder and cooked using oil and boiling water)  £12.00

Bitter leaf (onugbu) £16.00


(Leaf spinach, cooked herbs and spices with strips of tasty fish)  £12.00

Efo egusi

(crushed melon seeds and pumpkin leaf cooked with fresh tomatoes hot peppers vegetable oil seasoned with herbs & spices)   £16.00


pumpkin leaf, water leaf cooked in herbs, spices, strips of tasty

fish, Stock fish, prawn, assorted meat with palm oil  £16.00


lady fingers cooked in herbs, spices, strips of tasty fish, Stock fish, prawn,
assorted meat, spinach, with palm oil


The following  served with either assorted meat, fish, suya, Chicken and plantain

Fried Rice 
(long grain rice made with mix veg, chicken, prawns, hot peppers, onions seasoned with tasty herbs and spices.£12.00

Jollof Rice

(long grain rice in a slightly spicy sauce made from plum tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, hot peppers onions, vegetable oil, seasoned  with herbs and spices)   £12.00

White Rice

with red sauce or ayamase (Spicy Green Sauce)  £12.00

Asaro & Sauce

Puna yam cooked in mixture of hot peppers, onions and tomatoes  in palm oil with herbs & spices

Beans & Plantain  £12.00


Our bachelors box is designed for today's busy individual.

Providing you with access to good quality

food at reasonable prices From   £34.00



Pepper Gizzard (turkey)  £9.00

Lekki Special Mixed Meat  £9.00

Chicken Suya  £11.00

Meat Suya  £9.00

Moin Moin (beans pudding)  £6.00

Fried plantain £3.00

Meat Pie
Our meat pies are made of flour with minced meat, carrots and potatoes, well seasoned to taste.

Puff Puff
Puff puff is the most popular Nigerian snack you can eat at any time of the day. It is a simple mix of flour, yeast, sugar and other seasoning. As a starter, this bouncy, spherical snack leaves you yearning for the main meal.

Moin Moin
This is a popular Nigerian dish made with grounded beans, onions and peppers. It can be eaten alongside Jollof or Fried rice, or on its own as a snack or starter.

Gizzard on a Stick
Popularly called nze-nze by Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria, this revered part of a chicken is such a delicacy to start off with. Thread on a stick and garnished with vegetables to give a balanced feel, gizzards are prepared mid-spicy with the right amount of seasoning.

Quite hot and enjoyed on its own or as part of a main meal.

Made by grilling fillets of the best part of beef, this spicy starter is known for its famous Suya spice. Suya is mostly prepared by skilful Hausa men in Nigeria know as mai-suya and is best enjoyed with a cold drink or as a prelude to the main course.

Jollof Rice
A popular Nigerian meal enjoyed by Africans and non-Africans. It is prepared with long grain or basmati white rice mixed with tomato stew and seasoning (spiced to taste). Can be topped with fried beef, assorted meat, fish or chicken.

Fried Rice
This party favourite is blend of pre-cooked long grain or basmati rice and vegetables (carrot, green beans, sweet corn etc.), friend with vegerable oil and seasoned to taste. Can be topped with beef, fish, chicken or any other preferred meat.

Native to southern and eastern Nigeria (Igbos and Yorubas), the melon seed (Egusi) soup is perfectly combined with pumpkin leaves or spinach and red palm oil, and garnished with stock fish to give a thick yet easy going feel. Enjoy with beef (preferred), fish or chicken.

Okro (Okra) Soup
This very easy to prepare Nigerian soup is prepared with two main vegetables – Okra and Spinach. The Hausa’s in Nigeria call it Miyan Kubewa and it is best enjoyed when garnished with shreds of iced, dry or stock fish and Beef meat. Okro soup can also be prepared with Ogbono to make it thicker.

Indigenous to the Yoruba people of western Nigeria, Ewedu soup is made with blended Ewedu leaves (corchorus olitorius) and served with tomato stew and enjoyed assorted meat.

Native to western Nigeria, this soup is rich in vegetables (spinach, water leaf or pumpkin leaves). Best prepared with assorted meat such as beef, shaki (cow stripe), and fish such as smoked fish, dry fish or stock fish. Palm oil and crayfish are vital ingredients for this soup.

Popularly called draw soup, ogbono soup is probably the easiest soup to eat Eba (garri) or pounded yam with because its slimy nature enables effortless swallows. Although it can be prepared plain, most people add vegetable (spinach or pumpkin leaf) and garnish it with assorted meat and fish.

Bitter Leaf Soup
Native to the Igbos of Eastern Nigeria, this soup is prepared with thoroughly washed bitter leaves to ensure that it doesn’t taste bitter as the name may imply. Coco yam can be used to make it thick as well as dry or stock fish. Stewed meat can enhance the taste too.

Grilled Croaka Fish
The magic is in the sauce – and no, we won’t tell you our recipe just yet. This finger licking delicacy is prepared by marinating the croaker fish for as long as possible to ensure it soaks up the peppered sauce and then grilled at the right temperature until fully cooked inside-out.

Fresh Fish (Tilapia) Pepper Soup
Freshly cooked Tilapia fish doesn’t taste anywhere better than in steaming hot pepper soup. As the name implies, chilli pepper is the main ingredient for this special soup. Can be eating at any time of the day and enjoyed with a cold drink.

Fresh Fish and Yam Pepper Soup
Add cooked sweet white yam to our specially prepared fresh fish pepper soup and you are in for a treat.


We put extra care into our food production process, however we can not guarantee that our food are allergen free. Therefore our food may contain known food allergens such as nuts, wheat, dairy, egg and shellfish products etc.


Nkwobi  £15.00
Asun Special £15.00

King Prawn (cooked & garnished in sweet pepper) £10.00

Spicy Snail (garnished with pepper & onion) £9.00 each

Assorted Pepper Soup  £10.00

Fish Pepper Soup  £14.00 / £25.00

Goat Meat Pepper Soup £12.00

Oxtail Pepper Soup  £13.00

Fried Plantain & Fish or Meat  £25.00

Lekki Fish with Plantain & Salad  £23.00

Isi-ewu  £18.00

Fried yam £9.00

Stockfish £15.00

Iyan Olodo £20.00